Ugh, then my life blew up

So, I started this wee bloggy right before my life got a little crazy-face. I’m sorry! my only solace is at this time, I have 0.00 readers, so I’m only really letting down the friends in my head. (shut up, Sybil!)  But real blogging to come soon, I promise! especially since I’ll be posting in the Queer Performance blog, and I can just move my stuff here too. Word of Honor! I’ll update by the end of the week.


Someone Smash a Champagne Bottle on this Bitch.

Hello and welcome to the maiden voyage of the INTERROBANG REPORT!  I am glad to have you, and in the spirit of generosity and friendship, here are a few cautionary points.

1. RESPOND! if you agree, if you don’t, if you are confused let me know! I won’t be an asshole if you aren’t, so let’s get some sweet, sweet dialogue happening.

2. I (and at some points We)  are going to offend you. I talk about gender, sex, race, class, religion, (dis)ability, size, and everything else that people have hot buttons for. Rather than flip out and scream incoherent things at your computer screen, I encourage you try to put your anger, frustrations etc. into words so that we can look at why you think what you do and how that impacts your actions. If at that point you still disagree, go right ahead.

3.  I am in NO WAY required to hold anyone’s hand.  The aforementioned issues that I will be covering have had a massive impact on my life,  and for most of these I have not had the privilege of a cushioned blow. If something makes you uncomfortable, you are free to challenge my point(s) in the comments, but DO NOT whine at me that I am making it too hard for you or that I am mean. it is YOUR responsibility to educate yourself, not mine. The fact that this blog might help you with that is a favor, not your right.

I’m sure as this carries on, I will add things to this list but that is it for now.  Welcome, and enjoy the rage and the humor.